Canvas Magazine incorporates printed electronic cover

Monday, 22 August 2011 16:25 Michal Kotyk

US print title Canvas Magazine has published a new issue with a fully printed, interactive electronic cover.

Around 12,000 copies were printed for the February issue using electrochromatic inks from Ntera. The printed electronics also helped set up the supply chain for the integrated batteries from Blue Spark Technologies, and roll-to-roll printing services from Si-Cal.

Print firm Ricoh, which sponsored the cover, contacted US universityCal Poly to develop the design for the printed electronics.


A printed electronic cover has previously appeared on Esquiremagazine in 2008, using E Inktechnology, but the developers of the Canvas cover believe it has achieved the low-cost and practical work stream needed to see its electronic paper innovation adopted in more applications in the future.

David Corr, CEO of Ntera, comments: 'We'd like to see several projects follow on from this. This is an initial foray into commercial use, and there are others developing concepts. It's a nice example for people to touch, feel and see - and practical examples give people ideas on how they will want to use the technology themselves.'

Malcom Keif, professor at Cal Poly, explains how the cover was made in the video below.


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