Lighting Wallpaper a new dimension of lighting decoration in interior design.

Sunday, 07 September 2014 11:47


Lighting Wallpaper - this is a new "must have" interior decorative element to light up the atmosphere at your home, office or any commercial premises such as hotels, bars or design studios. 0.5 mm thin, tiles based lighting parts are manufactured on high precision screen print using the electroluminescent technology.




Product introduction

Lighting Wallpaper was developed by a team of creatives from ELON Technologies with the aim to use the electroluminescent technology on commercial application where the light is required to be absolutely flat. This printed light method is securing the best lighting performance while printed in relatively smaller sizes, therefore the designers come up with a tile system "How to apply the Lighting Wallpaper on a wall". The basic tile size has been set up on 50 x 50 cm with a different size of lighting area depending on the wallpaper artwork.

Pic 1. - Installation of FLOWERS & CIRCLES (Indiegogo campaign Artwork) in Design studio Konsepti in Prague within the exhibition Designblok 2014

Pic 2. - Example of full wall installation


INDIEGOGO campaign starts from 15th October 2014!!!

Project Lighting Wallpaper is going to be promoted for crowdfunding support on The campaign starts from 15th October 2014 and is targeting on all professionals from interior design and architecture industry worldwide. Promoting this game changing product have the aim to collect basic funding for further development of:

- professional Lighting Wallpaper e-shop

- first 2 high class design collections

- product solution for "users friendly" installation system

- worldwide distribution network

The campaign will look for all categories of contributors from minor ones who wants to help bring this project into live, professional who contribute against the real sample, partners who can contribute for exclusive distributorship up to opportunity searching investors.

This is projected in the campaign structure and perks definition which makes the campaign different from the others. It prepares unique ground to contributors to take direct part on development of this project by securing their place on this newly created market.

Examples of few attractive perks:

PERK 1 - Designers Contest (100 $) - Perk oriented on professionals - product designers when everybody has a chance to contribute by payment the entry fee to the contest. The best atworks will be awarded and selected artworks will further generate the royalties from sales.

PERK 2 - Lighting Wall Sample (1.950 $) - Perk oriented on all who wants to contribute against the sample of Lighting Wall (20- tiles) on first promotional artwork.

PERK 3 - Regional Distributorship (10.000 $) - Perk oriented on professionals from designers and architecture world, national leaders who might be interested to have an exclusivity sales rights for their territory for first 2 years.

PERK 4 - Investor Perk (56.000 $) - Perk oriented on investors who want to fund metioned further development of a project and speed up all procedures with a launch on the market. Royalty fee of 3% from sales worldwide and Lighting Wall sample (20-tiles) are the reward for this type of contribution. (Limited Perk, only 2 available)


Technical parameters


Pic 3. - FLOWERS & CIRCLES (Indiegogo campaign Artwork) - 20 tiles kit + electronic inverter



Pic 4. - 50 x 50 cm tile (Indiegogo campaign Artwork) - 13% lighting area
Pic. 5 - 50 x 50 cm tile - 48% lighting area


Technical parameters: 

Size  50 x 50 cm tile
Thickness  0,5 mm

 100W per sqm of lighting area

Power supply  110V AC

FLOWERS & CIRCLES (13% EL) = 300 sqcm = 1 tile consumption is approx. 3W


How to apply the Lighting Wallpaper on a wall

Instructions for installation